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How To Perform A Remote Online Notarization

When you need to get a document notarized but can’t make it to an in person notary, Remote Online Notarization may be the answer. This process lets you have a document notarized without ever leaving your computer.

To start the process upload the document you need notarized and provide any required information. The notary will review the document and then sign and stamp it remotely.

The best part about remote online notarization is that it’s convenient and secure. You can complete the entire process from the comfort of your home, and your completed documents are available for download instantly. 

1. The signee schedules an appointment with the Notary.

2. Signee uploads documents to an online platform for notarization.

3. The signee goes through an identification process that includes credential analysis of signer ID and answering KBA questions.

4. Signers must correctly answer questions based on the signer’s personal history.

5. Once the signer’s Identity has been verified, the signer and the Notary both sign the documents.

6. During the session the Notary and the signer communicate online using audio and visual technology.

7. The notarized documents are instantly sent to the signer.

Acceptable Forms of Identification for Notary Services


A Notary may use either a credible witness or personal knowledge to identify a signer.

An oath can be taken from a credible witness, who is either known to the signer personally or by the notary.

Both the signee and credible witness must appear in person before the notary. The credible witness is required to have a valid government issued ID card.


Personal knowledge is if the individual is personally known to the notary.


The following is Satisfactory evidence of identity

  • Current Passport issued by the United States Department of State or a foreign government.
  • Current U.S. Government issued Identification cards or Driver License.
  • Identification card issued by the U.S Military.
  • To determine what form of ID is acceptable for Notary services, visit this article
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