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Ink Based Rolled Fingerprints

Fingerprints are performed by our skilled technicians using FBI recognized FD-258 Fingerprint cards. We can also roll your prints onto state-specific cards provided to you.

Fingerprints help validate results of name-based background checks “False positives” commonly occur when an applicant’s name check is not clear, producing a possible candidate.

Fingerprint Background Checks Can Be Useful When Combined With Name Based Background Checks.

Fingerprints are unique to each person.

The uniqueness of fingerprints makes them valuable for individuals having the same name.

Fingerprint background checks are routinely conducted by certain industries as part of their

pre-employment screening procedures. This applies to positions in child care and transportation as well as security sensitive positions.

Other Reasons To Have Your Fingerprints Taken

Employment Screening



Security Clearance Name


Irs Efin Numbers


An applicant’s fingerprints can be digitally collected and printed onto a standard fingerprint card FD-258.

It typically takes about 10 minutes to capture fingerprints

Government issued photo identification.

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